Annual Conference of Dramaturgische Gesellschaft

Berlin Diagonale january 30, 2016

Berlin Performing Arts Festival

Berlin Diagonale may 28, 2016

Tanz im August

Berlin Diagonale august 27, 2016

Berlin Diagonale at the Annual Conference of Dramaturgische Gesellschaft

For the annual conference of Dramaturgische Gesellschaft (the German Dramaturg’s Society) entitled Was tun. Politisches Handeln jetzt (Do Something. Policial Action Now.) from January 28-31, 2016, 400 theater professionals, theater scholars and dramaturgs will visit Berlin from all across the German-speaking world.

Using the tried-and-true open table format, the participating Berlin artists and groups can provide insight into their work and previews of coming projects over the course of table conversations using videos and props. In this relaxed atmosphere, conversations can be held, cooperations can be initiated, contacts can be built upon and - in the best case scenarios - guest performances can be arranged.

Theaterdiscounter Saturday, 30. January 2016

Date Saturday, 30.1.2016, 12:00 – 15:00 Uhr

Theaterdiscounters large hall offers the space for exchange, networking and presentation to artists, venues and companies of Berlin’s independent performing arts community. more